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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Awesome Day of Railfanning

I'm back to posting! Yesterday, I had probably one of the best railfanning days I have ever had. Of the ten trains I caught, only THREE had no rare power, and only two had nothing significant on it. What I am posting here are some of the highlights from yesterday.

I chased a train from the 59 freeway to Richmond. Unlike my grey ghost chase in April, I actually arrived in Richmond with a few minutes to spare. Unfavorable cloud conditions made this bridge shot gloomy, but better than nothing.

After getting the bridge shot, I drove down to my typical spot in Rosenberg. There was a ton of traffic there, and I got there right as a UP train with a patched CNW unit passed by. I was standing by my car when it passed, so I couldn't get a great shot, but once again, better than nothing:

The next train was a BNSF Intermodal led by all common power, but with Ex-Amtrak reefers at the end!

A few minutes after this train passed, we were treated to a BNSF grain train on the Glidden Sub led by two Ferromex units, the leader being a Diexaños GEVO.

A bunch of horses suddenly started walking on the road in between trains.

After the horse parade, a UP manifest with a CSX Tier 4 GEVO trailing came by. This is my first time catching a Tier 4 locomotive.

This train had nothing significant, but I figured I may as well post it because this train came by during the one bout of sun that there was all day.

After that, a KCS manifest came by moments later with a BNSF Tier 4 GEVO trailing:

After about 30 minutes, I caught my very first BNSF AC44C4M, leading a manifest train:

After the AC44C4M, my friend had to leave. I decided to head to my car and began to debate whether or not I should go home. While I was debating, I heard the defect detector at 34.5 go off, so I decided that I may as well capture this train. I was surprised to see this headlight configuration off in the distance:

Well, it turned out to be the UP ASPLDR, led by CSX SD40-2 8042 and CSX SD50-2 8550! It was a pleasant surprise! I did capture the photo of it...
... But I forgot to hit record!!! Well, the best I could do was chase it down to East Bernard and video it there. Chasing it was not hard, there was a brake problem with one of the cars, so the conductor had to walk the train. I got to East Bernard with lots of time to spare, and managed to get this video of it:

Thanks for reading, and be sure to check my YouTube channel later on for videos of all of these trains and more!