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Monday, October 12, 2015

An Update on Everything

Hello everyone!

Just figured that I would give everyone an update on everything. I have been very inactive lately due to school and band stuff. I did have time for a day of railfanning on September 19, but I have not uploaded the videos due to the fact that I cannot find my camcorder. I also have a LOT of videos from California in July that I have not uploaded, and may not get to uploading. We will see on that.

As for the My View On... posts, I have a new topic in my head, but I have not gotten to writing it yet. As soon as I have time, I will start on it.

As for future railfanning, I should have more time as band winds down in November. I will be in Lincoln, Nebraska on 11/6, if I have time to railfan then I most certainly will. I will probably not be able to railfan the week of Thanksgiving, but maybe the weekend after I will, if everything goes right. I know that I will railfan in Rosenberg at least once more before Christmas. For Christmas Break, I will go to California like I always do, albeit for a shorter time than usual. That is all I have planned for the future!

I appreciate all the people who read this blog, and be sure to keep following!